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Kaptein Kaos Fan pack (Vinyl,cd++)


This fan-pack bundle contains the Gatefold vinyl edition (White 300ex) and the cd/dvd digipack of Kaptein Kaos.
It also contains a personalized signed card (we don't have the new postcard, but will use old ones) and a "Kaos Corp" glow-in-the-dark guitar pick.


1. Trolltramp
2. Kaptein Kaos
3. Vulkan
4. Ave Maria
5. Filzlaus Verkündiger
6. Die Grosse Echsen
7. Seduction suit no.21
8. Solskinnsmedisin
9. Troll Gegen Mann
10. Sagn Om Stein
11. Renkespill
12. Kinesisk Alkymi
13. Døden banker på

Bonus DVD:
The making of Kaptein Kaos (37min)
Heidenfest Tour video (39 min)
Paganfest Tour video (35 min)

Total running time: approx. 111 Min, English subtitles available, Region all, PAL

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